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CAM (Multicultural Aggregation Centres) are the result of a fusion of past experiences that have been developed in order to offer the residents of Milano a range of activities that are free and open to all citizens, regardless of sex, race, language or social class.

The first aggregation centres, called “ Campi Gioco” (Play Areas) were born in 1953. Then their name changed to “Campi Gioco Robinson” (Robinson’s Play Areas) and later they became the first eight “Free time centres” specialised in recreative activities for marginalised young people.

In 1983 these recreative centres changed again into CTS – Centri Territoriali Sociali (Territorial Social Centres).

Today CTSs have been definitively transformed into CAMs.

The four CAMs in Zone 1 have a various program of different and interesting activities for the residents of all ages, thanks also to the fact that they are located in different parts of the city centre.

Municipio 1 Milan

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